Jaani 14-2, Tartu 51007 ESTONIA                                                                                                                  +372  7 42 62 62

Momo is an Estonian leading graphic design company based in Tartu. We create various business driven designs for print, digital multimedia and advertising. Our creative book designs have been repeatedly highly awarded.

Momo's history began in the spring of 1994 when Kalle Müller, journalist, graphic designer and photographer, started a graphic design company focused primarily on visual identity. Since then different recognized designers have been working for Momo. In April 2008, Kristiina Rosina, graduated artist, joined the company as a graphic designer. Together, Kalle and Kristiina have succeeded in positioning Momo as a one-stop-solution for companies and publishers searching for an original layout and a tasteful graphic design.

Unlike typical design companies, there are no bureaucratic management layers in Momo. When You need us, You just have to make a phone call or send us an e-mail and we will get to work directly with the designer in charge of Your project.

God gave us two ears and we use them, as well as our intuition.

Momo can easily find the way between blacks and colors, types and negative spaces. We have good knowledge of typographic tips and tricks and we know a lot about the paper. We like to use modern technology as a part of our innovative graphic design and we look for ideas from all over the world.